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Product Partition VN_PC072
Material: Painted wood, scratch-resistant surface
Size: 1000 * 300 * 2100 (mm)
Color: White
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Warranty: 14 months

Partition VN_PC072 - adorn the sophistication of your living room

Today's living room partitions are gradually going into modern life and are increasingly favored by its preeminent properties.

Partition is not only used for the purpose of separating the living room from other rooms, but it is also an excellent interior decoration to create a unique and luxurious living room space.

Partition VN_PC072 is manufactured according to the most advanced technology, through many stages of treatment to help prevent termites and more durable over time. Solid design with cream white color as the main color, exuding elegance and sophistication for the room.

Do not stop there with a new and unique design, designed into each compartment, convenient to help you both separate the living space and display beautiful interior products, which can be Decorative items such as glasses, teddy bears ... can also be precious wine bottles or sophisticated handicrafts. The partition also has a cabinet to help store the homeowner's personal items, make better use of the living space.

In addition, with high durability and good after-sales mode will also make you feel more secure in the process of using the product.

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