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Product Wardrobe TA_8803
Material: High quality wood
Size: 2m4 x 2m1 x 0.5m
Color: Cream
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Warranty: 14 months

Neoclassical wardrobe brings elegance, originality and convenience to the homeowner. At Ngoc Anh Furniture Supermarket, customers can choose any cabinet design that best suits their bedroom space. In the space of the whole house, each furniture brings not only convenience but also feng-shui meaning, creating luck and fortune for the homeowner.

Today, Ngoc Anh Furniture introduces to customers the neoclassical wardrobe model TA_8803 which is an indispensable product in the classic bedroom interior space. With a luxurious design, this wardrobe is suitable for spacious and magnificent interior spaces decorated in European style.

TA_8803 wardrobe is made of extremely sturdy high-grade industrial wood, spacious 5-wing cabinet provides a comfortable storage space for clothes, you can hang or hang clothes while you can store objects. other uses such as blanket, blanket, pillow ...

Not only that, this imported wardrobe is also highly appreciated for its quality, processed wood, polished edges. The surface of the product is coated with high quality paint to create beautiful colors and protect the wood surface well. This coating has been tested to be lead free, completely safe for your health.

Decorative motifs on the cabinet are delicately carved with classical patterns, bringing sophistication to the cabinet as well as the home's bedroom furniture.

In addition, with high durability and good after-sales mode will also make you feel more secure in the process of using the product.

Come to Ngoc Anh Furniture Supermarket so we can serve you the best.

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