Modern and minimal office design 

Modern and minimal office design

With an office space with an area not too large, Ngoc Anh Decor suggests you the simple but modern design below, fully meeting the criteria that businesses need.

Limited area is one of the disadvantages of businesses when building an office, just not being well arranged will cause the office feeling cluttered and "overwhelmed", understand that so below, they I suggest you a very affordable modern small office design.


Simple I-shaped front desk, impressive color scheme

The I-shaped front desk is a popular design in the office reception area, this is the ideal idea for corporate and modern-style offices. This design has a harmonious combination of stone and wood, highlighting the elegance and elegance that it brings, combined with the background of the same wood color to show the consistency and professionalism in the design.

A harmonious combination in the overall reception area

The reception area is the face of the office and the business, the first impression of the customer when contacting, so we specially choose the interior of the reception room with harmonious color tone. with the front desk, creating the convenience and convenience of customers, combining simple decorative paintings, creating a good impression.

The working room is arranged modernly

Office space with white tone as the main color, welcoming design with easy-to-use curtains, small area but still reasonably arranged scientifically thanks to furniture such as furniture, lamps, trees, ... The chair feels easy to hold, convenient to work and move, the desk has drawers to help staff arrange the working area as reasonably possible.

Reasonable layout, combination between furniture, work tools and decorative products

This design helps to optimize the function while still ensuring the aesthetics and style that the business targets, the layout of the staff seats helps the space between the office become more spacious and airy.

Professional design helps the office to welcome more light

Neutral colors bring a sense of spaciousness than reality, stimulate the employee's creativity, improve productivity, avoid displaying too much that makes the office secret.

Office design trend is beautiful - dynamic to meet open working style

The wall of the office is decorated with good sayings, helping to create an abundant energy source for each employee.


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