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The current apartment building is an ideal choice for many households, both economically suitable but still able to ensure full amenities and meet the needs of use. becomes an important factor, ensuring the aesthetic needs of the house, bringing the owner's own style.

Furniture Ngoc Anh would like to introduce the latest apartment design model including 1 living room connected to the dining room, 3 separate bedrooms:
1. An indispensable luxury apartment building with luxurious living rooms, the first room when we set foot on our home. A place where guests can know the owner's personality and taste. With a reasonable living room decoration and design, the owner can bring a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.
With the design of the living room, the dining room is quite popular but still very comfortable because of the ventilation that it provides.

Optimal choice for apartments with small spaces. Removing the wall will make the living room space become more spacious and airy.

2. The dining area is arranged adjacent to the living space to help maximize the area for the apartment. It not only makes the dining space appear larger than the inherently limited area, but also is an important factor contributing to a warmer and more refined dining area.

Because the area for the kitchen is quite narrow, the architect chose to design the kitchen with a hanging kitchen system and a lower kitchen cabinet facing the living space to provide ventilation and comfort.

3. The design of a beautiful, airy and neat bedroom will make you always comfortable, erase the stuffiness of a small room, bring quality sleep after stressful working hours, quickly regain the spirit for the new day.
This first bedroom is designed for children to feel inspired and fresh. The space is lively and brings a feeling of comfort and comfort.

The design of the desk in this bedroom is completely reasonable. Simple and sturdy wooden table design with many multi-purpose storage compartments. Creative and impressively decorated desk area with cute picture frames and wall objects will make children more interested in learning.

The bedroom with shelves and a space-saving study desk always ensures the best natural light.

Decorating a small bedroom so that it is really neat and beautiful is also something you have to think about. With such a modest space but still ensuring comfortable bedroom furniture with modern beds, wardrobes, and vanity, let's go to see the second bedroom model:

The wooden door design makes the bedroom more luxurious, more spacious, and satisfies the owner's gaze. Also warm feeling of the family air compartment in this space.

The bookshelf is a smart furniture that not only increases the storage capacity but also helps increase the neatness and airy of the room.

This final bedroom design focuses on the comfort of the homeowner, so the bedroom has large windows to bring natural light into this place to make life more energetic. The wall array of white and beautiful blue tones is the highlight to increase the attraction for this resting space.

Optimized area with a small, neat work corner design combined with a bookshelf.

The small vanity table is uniquely decorated next to the large wardrobe close to the wall, bringing comfort to the owner of the room.
With the convenience as well as suitable with any home space, the modern apartment interior design style is chosen by many people. This style is often suitable for young, dynamic and modern people.
With the generosity of modern style and a bit of sophistication, comfort as well as suitable for any home space, makes anyone admired. In addition, the extremely scientific arrangement, combined with the main white color, will create an irresistible airy and attractive space.

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