Apartment apartments with an area of ​​85m2 are very popular, not too big or too small, suitable for the economy and very suitable for interior layout for families. Below, we would like to introduce to you the design of the 85m2 apartment with 2 bedrooms, both modern and comfortable.

Design drawing of the overall apartment

Whether a living space is beautiful and impressive or not depends a lot on the interior design, how it is decorated in a reasonable and aesthetic way. Here will be a great suggestion for your reference and ideas for your beloved apartment.

The living room is designed with main colors

The living room is always the first place to notice when friends, relatives or colleagues visit the house, and this is also the common living space of the family, so it is often focused on design style as well as interior layout. In this design, the minimalist and modern style is emphasized.

Living room interior gray tone - youthful white, modern

Television shelf is located opposite the sofa, next to the balcony to take advantage of abundant natural light. Plaster ceilings combined with modern lighting systems make the living room more eye-catching.

Exquisite reading room near the balcony

In this design, there is also a reading room that helps to satisfy the owner's preferences, separated from the living room by a simple partition. The reading room near the balcony receives a lot of light, which is very popular for its poetic nature and is very "lyrical".

A close-up of the reading room design

A simple reading room with gentle colors, integrated with a desk and a place for you to lie down to read, rest, relax when needed.

Neat and tidy kitchen space

The design of the kitchen with bright, neutral colors is very helpful for expanding the visual space and especially this color never goes out of style. The L-shaped kitchen shelf makes it easier and more convenient for housewives to cook delicious dishes for loved ones. Combined with unique lights with golden light to stimulate the eyes and bring a warm space to the family at every meal.

Design master bedroom

The bedroom has a combination of many color tones such as gray, white, beige, ... but not only does not cause discomfort but also shows its very own personality thanks to the motifs and accompanying accessories. The perfect combination of color tones brings a feeling of closeness and comfort.

The bedroom has more eye-catching decorative accessories

In addition, this bedroom design is also placed next to the window to help create an open space, making the most of natural light.

Boys bedroom with dominant blue colors

The boy's bedroom is delicately colored, neither too pale nor too blinding or cumbersome. this age.

The design of your baby's bedroom also helps to welcome natural light

Similar to the design of the master bedroom, the baby's bedroom is also designed next to the balcony, in addition to making the space more open, this natural light near the study desk helps children get more excited and very good for their eyes.


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