Currently, this type of apartment building is very popular and favored by many people because of its high level of comfort and uniformity, most of the apartments have good infrastructure, with adequate surroundings. utility areas such as supermarkets, cafes, parks, sports areas, basements for parking, ... Therefore, the demand for apartment design has also increased a lot, most apartments are The area is not too large, so the layout is reasonable, not pressing and having high aesthetics is a matter of top priority.

Below, Ngoc Anh Decor would like to introduce to you our 100m2 apartment design, fully meeting the above factors, helping you to own the most ideal living space.

Design drawing of the overall apartment

With this design we prioritize absolute open space, with 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets with a spacious kitchen, dining and common area, helping your family have a spacious and reasonable living space. .

Reporters and common areas

With bright colors and an absolute open space, the living room brings a sense of comfort to your family, combined with a design that connects to the dining room, saves space and creates a more spacious feeling.

TV shelf with green plants

The living room with simple elements is on top, unnecessary decorative details have been removed, leaving only straight yellow-tone lines of the same color as the TV shelf, and at the same time, this light tone help the space become much more open.

Simple sofa set, bright colors

Design a compact sofa according to the new trend - simple but convenient, meeting the needs of the common family area to not take up too much space. The sofa table also has the same light yellow wood tone with the TV shelf, creating a harmonious uniform overall.

Designed to communicate with modern dining room

In this design, the interior of the living room and dining room is designed in harmony, colors are coordinated. In particular, the location of the dining table can help homeowners conveniently watch TV entertainment or make a living table are reasonable.

Mischievous boy bedroom design but still lovely.

Although it is a boy's bedroom, it still ensures aesthetics, with the main colors of light blue and white, helping you feel airy even in a small space, bringing the most comfort when using.

Simple decoration style, personality

The bedroom combines simple decorated shelves according to your baby's preferences, helping your baby get a time to enjoy and enjoy after a long day of study, have a good night's sleep, regain abundant energy. abundant for the next day.

Learning area

The study desk and bookshelf are simply designed, full of light, the necessary learning functions are arranged intelligently, neatly, helping children get excited to study and work harder.

Design 2nd bedroom for adults

In addition to the main function of resting, the bedroom is also known as the private space of each person to express their own personality, so the neutral gray gray - white color will be a very perfect choice to create a luxurious space. respectful, polite and modern.

Simple interior, high applicability

In the bedroom, there is a simple desk and modern wall-mounted bookshelf, making it convenient for the homeowner to work or read to relax while at home.


The wardrobe integrates a novel and unique bookshelf

A little warm wood color is added to the bedroom space to make the space brighter and softer. Materials selected from industrial wood bring modern breath into the room.

Design the final bedroom of the apartment

If the design of the second bedroom focuses on gray colors, in the last bedroom, we together "tasting" a little more bright colors to make the room brighter.

The design is somewhat more colorful but still remains light

Still a cold color, but incorporating more fresh decorations, helps you like more vitamins every time you go home and your room.

The interior is fully arranged but just right

Still a complementary work desk and spacious wardrobe, this design also adds a modern chalkboard, with a mirror mounted directly to the wall, both saving space and personality.


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