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product GI_13A25 Classic Bed
Material: Natural wood, leather headboard
Size: 1m8 x 2m x 1m
Color: Cream
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Classic bedroom bed GI_13A25 - Bring luxury to your bedroom

Along with other furniture in the room, the bed plays a very important role as a place for each person to directly sleep and affect our health. To get a good night's sleep and not only ensure the needs, designs, preferences, size ... but also show the class of the house, we need to carefully select all products in the room, especially the bed.

A beautiful bed is not only in the pattern and materials, but it also brings perfection to the bedroom interior space. GI_13A25 bed with unique design will be the perfect solution for your living space, not only harmonious in color but also adorns the luxury beauty, class of your home.

GI_13A25 bed is made of solid wood, smooth leather material, designed in a luxurious European style with elaborate engraved motifs. Creamy white color is the main color, bringing a warm feeling, exuding a luxurious beauty for the room. The product is suitable for placing in large and medium sized bedrooms.

In addition, with high durability and good after-sales mode will also make you feel more secure in the process of using the product.

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