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Established and operated for more than 20 years in Ho Chi Minh City with the motto "the perfect solution for living space". Ngoc Anh Furniture is constantly expanding its business, building factories, recruiting and training engineers, skilled workers to improve the quality and diversify products and service quality to satisfy. consumer demand is increasing.

Not only meeting the demand for high-end furniture products, diverse designs, perfect quality ... Ngoc Anh Furniture believes in fulfilling its mission of providing the perfect solution for the living space of our customers. along with a team of consultant and customer care staff, confidently accompany customers throughout the process of using the product.

* Furniture collections we update every 3 months: kitchen, living room, bedroom, kids room (boys - girls' room), bathroom, meeting room, garden, balcony, interior decoration at wholesale prices,… Furniture at wholesale prices are also updated with new prices by Ngoc Anh Furniture. Therefore, we are self-address as a supplier of furniture for dealers with many of the best policies today.




With a vision of becoming a leading company in the field of consulting and providing perfect solutions for living space, all Ngoc Anh Furniture products are tested for quality and products are imported. firms from leading furniture manufacturers in the world such as Italy, Hongkong, Taiwan ... Ngoc Anh Furniture is completely the ideal destination for customers' choice.




Providing perfect solutions for customers' living spaces is the mission of Ngoc Anh Furniture, which is why Ngoc Anh Furniture always learns all the increasing needs of customers, not just stopping. in product quality, but also go further with the services around including: living space interior design and consulting, warranty and maintenance, product delivery and return ...



Coming to Ngoc Anh Furniture Supermarket chain, customers will be completely satisfied when enjoying all the dedicated advice and advice from the professional design consultant staff.

* Ngoc Anh has full resources of the interior industry to serve: factory, construction worker, design engineer, decoration according to request.

All consulting services at Ngoc Anh Furniture are completely free and devoted full attention to customers, so that the living space will not just stop at creative ideas on simple designs. Both will be completed in a perfect living space, completely satisfied even with the most demanding customers.

* Popular styles of interior showrooms: high-end (hollywood), europe, japan, northern europe (scandinavian), modern, royal aristocracy, luxury, neoclassical (upscale), simple (minimalistic), nostalgic (retro), meditation (zen).




Bringing Ngoc Anh Furniture products to customers' living spaces intact and perfectly is an important part of service that is always carefully considered. Therefore, high quality products need to be transported and installed by responsible and qualified people to ensure they retain their excellence from the interior supermarket to your home.

The whole process of shipping and installation is completely free for all delivery orders within Ho Chi Minh City.

Transporting, installing in accordance with the implementation process standards, using instructions and complete storage are a brand commitment of Ngoc Anh Furniture.

Let us hand the "perfect puzzle" suitable for each customer's living space with professionalism and optimal reliability.



Not stopping at high-end furniture products that perfectly contribute to the living space of customers, Ngoc Anh Furniture maintains high responsibility for customers during product use through warranty and warranty services. maintenance.

With each specific case, a team of professional warranty and maintenance staff of Ngoc Anh Furniture will be present at the customer's living space within 24 hours, to directly inspect products and give directions. the most timely and effective solution. Any unintentional incidents with high-end furniture products during use, affected by objective as well as subjective factors will no longer be a nuisance affecting customers' daily life. Ngoc Anh Furniture is a long-term reliable companion with customers.

The satisfaction and trust of customers is the top priority of Ngoc Anh Furniture

Contact information:

Ngoc Anh Furniture
Address: No. 5 / 69A Dang Thuc Vinh, Nam Thoi Hamlet, Thoi Tam Thôn, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0707 054 045





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