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Product BVP_6916 desk
Material: Industrial wood reinforced against moisture
Size: 2m4 x 1m x 0.76m
Color: Brown
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24/7 product consulting support.
Warranty: 14 months

Office desk BVP_6916 - The elegance in the office

If you work in an office, during 24 hours a day, you will spend 8 hours at your desk. A new, comfortable desk will help a lot in your mood.

In a messy life, a desk can help you release some of the pressures and stress that you are experiencing yourself. Therefore, choosing to carefully buy the most comfortable and convenient desk is essential.

BVP_6916 work desk with compact, compact L-shaped design is made of high quality industrial wood. Smart, trendy design, BVP_6916's desk, in addition to the regular desk, has additional parts such as drawers, drawers, document compartments, very convenient for the office world.

Tables come in many sizes, can suit many different types of spaces. BVP_6916 desk will be the perfect choice for your workspace.

In addition, with high durability and good after-sales mode will also make you feel more secure in the process of using the product.

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