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Products Pupil desk
Material: Industrial wood
Dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 1800 (mm)
Color: White, blue
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Warranty: 14 months

The student desk on the shelf is very suitable for most children, the style of cartoon characters and the color of the table is very easy to communicate with children. Not only that, the student desk also helps children to have more motivation and excitement to sit in and study, practice orderly when there is a bookshelf that can be used to discard books.


The student desk is covered with paint and is made of wood material with extremely solid treatment, can resist warping, termites. scratch resistance.


Smart products to save space for babies include: the bookshelf has 4 compartments to help babies store books and has a small drawer to store their baby's essential items.



The table top is decorated with vivid 3D images that attract more motivated children to sit at the desk. The table foot section is integrated with 2 small drawers and 1 large cabinet, in addition there is a foot shelf to help children feel most comfortable when sitting at the desk.



In addition, with high durability and good after-sales mode will also make you feel more secure in the process of using the product.

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